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Ultra is Your Source for Dairy Flavouring
Where Service is a Lifestyle…

We have been dedicated to one thing: helping our customers create successful food products in terms of taste, value and quality.

We've done that by creating and perfecting the most extensive line of concentrated dairy flavors in the industry.

What Ultra is doing for Dairy industry?

In the dynamic market of Dairy, growth is being driven by revolutionary new product development, now, more than ever.

With nature’s true tastes and aromas as a guide, Ultra delivers authentic flavors and consistency in all dairy applications. Butter, cream, ice cream, yogurt, and cheese all have an unmistakable taste, aroma, and mouth feel. Ultra assists in replicating those qualities, creating systems to match the flavor profile of all dairy products.

Ultra offers a complete range of value-added compounded flavors for dairy applications. Our expertise in fruit and flavor interaction makes it easy for you to create yogurt, topping, ice cream, and dessert flavors that satisfy the most demanding consumers.

Ultra supplies all types of flavors to the dairy industry artificial, natural or nature identical. We can also provide oil or water soluble flavors. These flavors can be taken right out of our repertoire or can be tailor made for your product.

Here is a brief list of many end product categories that we can create and ultimately provide flavors for.

- Milk & fruit
- Drinking yoghurt
- Whey drinks
- Fruit yoghurt
- Milk mixes
- Desserts
- Buttermilk
- Ice Cream


• Peach Dawn
• Caramel Scotch
• Shanghai Feast
• Spicy Sundae
• Orchid ‘n’ Rose
• Vanilla ‘n’ Scotch
• Creme Brulle Coffee
• Mocca Blast
• Espresso ‘n’ Creme
• Chocolate Marble
• Strawberry Kiwi
• Indian Desire
• Exotic Mango
• Spicy Sundae
• Mango Alphanso
• Pumpkin Spice
• Banana Bolt
• Kesar Pista
• Mango Bush
• Rockin Raspberry
• Strawberry Kick

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