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“As one of the world’s leading manufacturer of Fragrances, has long been a pioneer in innovation. A trait we believe sets us apart from our competition.“

Exotic Fragrance for everyone’s delight

A fragrance can be scientifically defined and then applied to suit a specific purpose. At Ultra, we continually invest in Techniques which Blend Art n Science to understand and how people react to fragrances and why they prefer particular scents.

It is this ability to understand fragrance that has made us leader in the creation of scents for use in products ranging from perfumes to cosmetic and toiletries.

Innovation and creative compositions constitute the core of our profession. This calls for teams of skilled perfume designers who are motivated, who are close to our clients, and who combine the experience of the older members with the enthusiasm of the younger members of the team. They work in a context of perpetual evolution. Conscious of trends, listening to their inspiration, the fragrances they suggest draw on the riches of Ultra's palette of natural products to produce the success stories of tomorrow.

In tune with the trends in a product segment that is constantly evolving, our teams work with you to create original concepts and fragrances. Our products are specifically formulated to adapt to our clients' cosmetics and toiletries: creams, shower gels, soaps, shampoos, deodorants, etc. Their stability is thoroughly tested in our application laboratories, guaranteeing optimal olfactory results.

Global Market Understanding and Consumer Expertise

Ultra’s consumer insight and marketing teams provide a unique understanding of consumer’s lives and their relationships with brands through fragrance. Constant study through consumer panels, focus groups, and qualitative research provides us with a global understanding of the fragrances consumers prefer in candles.


Ultra's unsurpassed fragrance blends evoke a mood, a memory or a moment for one's soul. Find out why our fragrances are the best for your sanctuary. Ultra's fragrances are beautiful inspired blends, drawing from classic and unexpected essences.

Our open environment and global thinking enables us to create fragrances which combine creativity and expertise.

Ultra is bringing its innovative energies and intense R&D efforts to bear in its search for answers to these questions. Also among its tools is a powerful array of modern product innovations in the areas of
• Air Care
• Fine Fragrances
• Personal Care
• Household

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